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Unlock Your True Potential with Ultima-SuperTest 450 by Ultima Pharmaceuticals – US. Are you ready to elevate your fitness journey to the next level? Looks no further than Ultima-SuperTest 450, a powerful testosterone blend by Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US. If you're seeking peak performance, muscle gains and overall vitality, Ultima-SuperTest 450 is the key to unlocking your true potential.

Active Substance:

32 mg of Testosterone Acetate
125 mg of Testosterone Cypionate
147 mg of Testosterone Decanoate
73 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
73 mg of Testosterone Propionate

The Science Behind Ultima-SuperTest 450

Ultima-SuperTest 450 combines five different testosterone esters to provide you with a comprehensive and potent formula. These esters include Testosterone Acetate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Testosterone Propionate. Each of these compounds has a unique release time, ensuring a sustained and steady supply of testosterone in your body.

Benefits of Ultima-SuperTest 450

• Muscle Growth: Ultima-SuperTest 450 promotes rapid muscle growth, making it an ideal choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking to gain size and strength.
• Increased Strength: With enhanced testosterone levels, you'll experience a significant boost in strength, allowing you to lift heavier weights and push yourself further in your workouts.
• Improved Endurance: Say goodbye to fatigue and welcome increased endurance, enabling you to endure longer and more intense training sessions.
• Enhanced Recovery: Ultima-SuperTest 450 accelerates post-workout recovery, reducing muscle soreness and helping you get back to your training routine faster.
• Libido Boost: Not only does Ultima-SuperTest 450 enhance your physical performance, but it also boosts your libido and sexual performance, ensuring you're at your best both in and out of the gym.

How to Use Ultima-SuperTest 450

To maximize the benefits of Ultima-SuperTest 450, it is recommended to follow a proper dosing regimen. Consult with a healthcare professional or your fitness coach for personalized guidance, as dosing may vary based on individual needs and goals.

Quality Assurance from Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US is renowned for its commitment to quality and safety. Ultima-SuperTest 450 undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure that you receive a product that meets the highest industry standards.

Ultima-SuperTest 450 is your ticket to achieving the physique and performance you've always desired. Whether you're a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this powerful testosterone blend by Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to peak performance with Ultima-SuperTest 450. Elevate your game, elevate your life.

• Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US: Trust in the quality and reputation of Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US, a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry.
• Testosterone Acetate: One of the key components of Ultima-SuperTest 450, Testosterone Acetate ensures a rapid onset of testosterone action.
• Testosterone Cypionate: Known for its long-lasting effects, Testosterone Cypionate contributes to the sustained testosterone release in Ultima-SuperTest 450.
• Testosterone Decanoate: Testosterone Decanoate promotes muscle growth and enhances endurance, a crucial component of Ultima-SuperTest 450.
• Testosterone Phenylpropionate: This ester ensures a consistent and controlled release of testosterone, enhancing the overall effectiveness of Ultima-SuperTest 450.
• Testosterone Propionate: Known for its rapid action, Testosterone Propionate contributes to the initial boost in testosterone levels provided by Ultima-SuperTest 450.

Ultima-SuperTest 450 by Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US is a cutting-edge testosterone blend that offers a multitude of benefits for those looking to enhance their physical performance, muscle growth and overall vitality. With a unique combination of five testosterone esters, this product stands out as a premium choice for anyone seeking peak performance in their fitness journey. Trust in Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US for quality and safety and let Ultima-SuperTest 450 take your fitness to new heights.

  • 7-9 days

  • Anabolic Steroid

  • Men 450-1200 mg/week

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Perhaps

  • No

  • Yes

  • J*** S*** Best high concentration test there is!

    This is by far the best Sustanon mix there is available on the market. I run it any time I need a high weekly dose. Perfectly clear carrier oil and very smooth. I can inject a full ml without any pip. Go over that and have issues but a ml is over 500mg as tested so split doses if you need a higher weekly average. Great product. Smooth, and super strong.

  • T*** C*** Amazing

    This is so much better than sust. This blend is adding mass, strength and fast acting. Using this alone while I’m cutting at the moment and I have been maintaining most of the weight I gains for my bulk as I’m leaning up keeping the muscle on

  • V*** R*** Better than Sustanon

    This product has become my #1 testosterone base. While having some PIP, I personally prefer this over any Sustanon due to having 3 short esters so I’m able to feel the kick of test sooner and stronger.

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I always order from PM Roids because they are incredibly fast and reliable. All of my orders arrive earlier than expected. Always discrete and well packaged. Quality of the Ultima line is great, It is all is use. Best of the best!
- K A.
Supertest to the rescue
By far the best high concentrate test on the market. Great results. Noticed effects quickly thanks to the short esters and great overall results when run for a consistent cycle. Great for bulking and building size. Have gotten more since to be sure I am ready for my next adventure
- J S.
Test 450. Test e primo
Order came through fast as always . Doubly wrapped in bubble packaging in the box. 3 super test 450 3 test e 250 and 3 primo.
- T C.
Great Product!
Couldn’t be happier with the shipping and product quality!
- B M.

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