Great service - LEGIT!

Great company, legit gear. Customer service is top notch, fast responses, quick delivery less than 4-5 days domestic. Ultima brand is closest to pharma grade ive had in years! Test C 250 - No PIP, thick oil, nice color no issues. Strength increased, oily skin, libido up, sense of well being, constant pump! Aggression is way up! Up 8lbs at least in quality tissue in less than 5 weeks! Legit as it gets. Don’t hesitate to make an order, I’d refer to my closest of friends!

Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

This is a review for an order made…

This is a review for an order made several yrs ago during a promo. Life happened and I didn’t get around to using the product for awhile and never left a review. Ordered Dragon Pharma Test Enanthate 250 10 ml x 2. Shipping took around 10 day from across the pond. Packaging was good and was intact. Test E was on point, I used 250 mgs per week split 125 Monday and Thursday for 10 weeks to maintain muscle while cutting to burn off some body fat and get into shape again after a yr hiatus from the from the gym. Test E worked great and was dosed properly. Pumps were grea...

Enantat 250 - Dragon Pharma

I used Ultima Cypionate

I used Ultima Cypionate. Of those that dont know the real only difference is the USA uses cypionate and Europe uses enanthate for HRT. I blast and cruise and used 500mg with another lab of deca. My gyno is so sensitive so i have learned to tell by week 2 when my gyno acts up, the potency of the test. Sounds like bro science but this testosterone was on dose. There was no PIP which is a bonus as i used quad injections. Contact with the source was easy as order, and receive tracking and receive. Never had a seized order from overseas which is why i go with PM Roids f...

Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

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