Cycle Log

OK, now that the crazy Xmas week is over, I am going to be starting my bulking journey today although with how I have been eating I probably actually started it around xmas. Starting today I decided on my cycle. A bulk but not a get fat bulk. Bloodwork came back in a decent range so I am ready.

250mg Ultima sustanon EOD
Ever Monday 400mg Ultima EQ, 400mg Ultima Deca
40mg/day Ultima Anavar
20mg/ MK 677 a day
20mg/ GW-50156 a day
150mcg T4/day "I like T4 over T3 even though it is not as strong"
4iu HGH/day
10iu Humulin R 2x a day
Proviron - Bayer
Humulin R 100IU (Cart) - Lilly
Humatrope 72 IU (24MG) - Lilly
GW 501516 (Cardarine) - Natural SARMS - US
MK 677 (Ibutamoren) - Natural SARMS - US
Genotropin 36 IU (12 MG) GoQuick - Pfizer
Ultima-Bold - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Deca 250 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Oxa - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Mix - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Humatrope 72 IU (24MG) - Lilly - US
Genotropin 36 IU (12 MG) GoQuick - Pfizer - US

Pack landed - TD!

Did a test run with PM, was originally gonna log but ended up dropping out of the contest...

I ordered 3x EQ and 1x Tren A from the Ultima line. Came with boxes/labels/etc and good presentation.

On top of the promo offer of a free pack of 10mg winny which turned out to be Alpha Pharma, he threw in a couple more goodies, 2x blister packs of generic pharm grade Viagra.

I will be running 750mg/wk of his EQ along with 750mg each of Test E/Deca from another sponsor starting tonight. Oil flowed right through a 27g with no resistance.

EQ makes m...

Rexobol 10 - Alpha Pharma
Viagra 100 - Generic
Ultima-Bold - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Tren - Ultima Pharmaceuticals

very happy with PMRoids customer service and gear

I have no reason to lie about anything, I haven't received anything. I've been on this board for 10+ years and never had an issue. My trusty guy for years left the board here so I was looking for someone new and wanted to try you. I'm not here to try to get steal 2 bottles & some tabs (that's what was never received from the order placed in October). I attempted to get the pack at the P. Office and they wouldn't give it to me bc the address didn't match my address bc you all wrote it wrong.

The last time I checked the old tracking it stated "returned to sende...

Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Enan 250 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Tren - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-NPP - Ultima Pharmaceuticals

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