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I wanna personally thank the team at pmroids. I ordered a parcel in october in 2 weeks it got across the pond then the tracking totally stopped at customs i waited 30 days and chalked it up to.being lost in the mail but pmroids still decided to resend out the order even without no seizure letter which they didn't have to do and was totally awesome by them and when they reshipped it they even sent it us.domestic in under a week. They always stayed updated with me.and there customer service was top notch. I def will be a repeat customer with them I'm on my first wee...

MK 677 (Ibutamoren) - Natural SARMS - US
YK 11 - Natural SARMS - US
MK 677 (Ibutamoren) - Natural SARMS - EU
YK11 - Natural SARMS - EU

Appreciate my first go with Ultima and have since tried several of their products, thank you Pmroids, looking forward to more orders in the future.

I used this at the beginning of my cycle to front load and kick start things with the faster esters. I started feeling effects quickly, aggression, libidio, and strength kicked in within 2 weeks. My first time with Ultima, and I definitely bought more products thanks to this promo, really appreciate Pmroids for the opportunity.

Great product, price value makes it incredible attractive. I took bloods a month in and test was 1000> as my new blood test provider doesn't do a higher range. Used during a recomp and helped build muscle and burn fat.

Ultima-Prop - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Tren - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Prop - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US
Ultima-Tren - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

Will be shopping here again soon. Excited to try my products.

Great! Ordered over the holidays and there was definitely some delays, but they came through in more than one way. I expressed how I had already been waiting a few weeks and tracking # still was not showing up stateside and I was running low on test so he hooked it up with some free test that he shipped domestically so I wouldn’t run out. Now that is amazing customer service!

Couldn’t be better always replied to emails within 24 hour...

Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Cyp - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

Delivery was excellent. Roughly 14 days. Very good for international considering the crazy times we are living in. Package is always discreet with items safely wrapped.

Overall experience is always excellent with this source. Great selection of products and pricing is very fair. Have used this source for years and will continue to do so. I recommend this source to everyone. This source always comes through for me. During these times being able to count on someone means a lot!

Ran the sustanon at 540mg (2cc). Split into 3 injections per week. Got all of the usual benefits of this lab. Sex drive skyrocketed, recovery and mental focus improved, and muscle retained a very full feeling. The anadrol did what it always does. Extreme pumps and...

Dianabol 20 - Dragon Pharma
Dianabol 50 - Dragon Pharma
Oxymetholon - Dragon Pharma
Sustanon 270 - Dragon Pharma

Very happy with pmroids, their one of two companies I have ordered from on multiple occasions. This promo was no different than any of my previous orders, shipping was fast, packaging discreet, communication was a non-issue, and products were good to go.

The test e was ran as an extension of the cycle I was currently running, Stretching my 12 weeker to a 20 weeker 750mg/week.

Since I was initially running 600 mg per week I noticed a slight uptick in my motivation at the gym and a slight but lean gain in weight. I have used últimas test in the past and once again I was happy with the results seems to be on point.

Winstrol was added the last four weeks at the end of the cycle. No...

Ultima-Win - Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Ultima-Enan 250 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals

Good. I was given chance to use 50mg anadrol tablets from this source during a promo.

Good. I was given chance to use 50mg anadrol tablets from this source during a promo. I did two weeks on, two weeks off of the anadrol for ten weeks total. Results were increased strength, water retention, size, pumps. The anadrol was definitely strong because, it killed my appetite only downfall and that’s just how it did me. Overall very good quality tablets.

I’ve been slacking on my reviews here so I am updated my latest three orders from Pmroids

I’ve been slacking on my reviews here so I am updated my latest three orders from Pmroids. I have obviously done multiple orders with them and I am happy with their product, prices, and service.

The Clen is awesome! This stuff is pretty potent. I noticed it right off the start with my heart rate. Lots of energy and leaned me up a bit. I ran the Clen after a cyp, anadrol cycle. Anadrol gave me some bloat so I wanted to cut it out at the end of the cycle. The Clen did the trick. The anadrol was impressive. Noticed huge gains in strength.

Well packaged and discreet. I r...

Anastro-lab - 7Lab Pharm
Dianobol-lab 10 - 7Lab Pharm
OralTren-lab - 7Lab Pharm
Clen-Max - Maxtreme Pharma
Max-One - Maxtreme Pharma

Nothing crazy about the order but overall experience was perfect. Quality product and service.

Communication, shipping time and product was top notch. Very pleased with my experience this go round.

3x test prop 100 dragon pharma
Pinned 25mg eod. I tend to run into side affects when upping dosages. This dosage was perfect. Well being, strength and alertness definitely up.

Overall the experience was friendly, helpful and top notch.

Dianal and TEST E
Dianabol was for 3 week kick start a same brand that I got from different suppliers. The Deus gear works great and this dbol proved itself. Strength went up high and the 3 week kick start was full of amazing workouts, pumps and mass gains. There was some bloating, acne, moon face and puffiness.
Test e was smooth like butter. No pip at all, entirely smooth and easy to inject. It kept test levels steady, libido on track, strength levels did not fall down, muscles full some puffiness and intensity remained somewhat same as with high dose dianabol kick...

Dianamed 10 - Deus Medical - EU
Testomed E 250 - Deus Medical - EU

Fast shipping, great prices, and the stuff works. I also love the website (adding the ability to find products based on the substance)

I had the start of some spicy nips, a half pill of the asin knocked that out in hours. The PT-141 (1mg for me, .5 for wifey)fueled a fuck fest weekend for my wife and I (just don’t have public plans, random hard ones for a day after taking it). I did get mild nausea for about 30mins, but I had anti nausea pills crushed that. I’d recommend preemtive for next time. The Deca is smooth, it’s only been a few weeks of 125mg E3.5D, so I can’t speak for the results y...

Supo-Aromasin - Beligas Pharmaceuticals - US
Ultima-Deca 250 - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US
Ultima-PT-141 10mg - Ultima Peptides - US
Ultima-Melanotan-II 10mg - Ultima Peptides - US
Ultima-Semaglutide - Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US

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